Come to us to find out what is close to Fort Bard .

Discover an area means also knowing the culture of its territory.

Our region offers unspoiled places of rare beauty, where traditions are more alive than ever. I will be pleased to share with you some advice on the best ways to know Aosta Valley.

Fort Bard:

is an impressive nineteenth century building, which hosts prestigious exhibitions, permanent exhibitions, concerts, lectures, film screenings, educational workshops for children.
The fortress of Bard, probably, has been fortified since pre-Roman times. Some historians identify the armed garrison here (clusurae Augustanae) installed by the Ostrogoth king Theodoric in the early sixth century.
“The Alps of the boys” is an interactive path for younger, to approach them to mountaineering, in which you can try a virtual climb to Mont Blanc. In this monumental complex, many famous personalities have passed like Napoleon, Stendhal and Count Camillo Benso of Cavour.
The Fort is easily accessible – as well as two different footpaths – with a panoramic lifts that lead directly from the village of Bard.

Mont Avic Park:

Born in 1989, the first regional nature park in the Aosta Valley, bordering the Gran Paradiso National Park, encloses very picturesque landscapes and unspoilt nature. You can meet goats, chamois and marmots and admire the alpine lakes and forests of mountain pine, Scots pine, larch and beech of great beauty.

Machaby Sanctuary:

is dedicated to Our Lady of the Snows and is located about 700 meters above sea level, near the village of Arnad. The sanctuary was rebuilt in 1687. You can reach it through beautiful chestnut woods. On August 5, it is place of pilgrimage dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Church of Arnad:

is among the most beautiful churches in our region. The ceiling on the left nave is decorated with Late Gothic frescoes and include “St. George Fighting the Dragon”, the “Feast of Herod”, a “Crucifixion” and the “Beheading of John the Baptist.”

Thermal Spa Saint-Vincent:

are open from several years and, next to the pools, saunas and steam rooms, they also offer showers, massage anti-stress, toning, relaxing, holistic, anti-aging, scrub and mud.

Castles of Verrès, Issogne and Fénis:

Aosta Valley is full of castles and fortresses. These are the closest to our B & B, but castles are scattered throughout the region.

Roman Aosta:

Roman Theatre, Amphitheatre, Thistle, Decumanus, Praetorian Gates and Arch of Augustus, monuments not to be missed, to discover walking nicely in this small Alpine town.

La Via Francigena:

It passes right by our village of Bard – well-preserved historical core – where you can see old houses of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Ski Champorcher:

21 trails, of all difficulty – black, blue and red – in an area which is like a fairytale. But also runs for beginners, baby snow park, treadmill and snowboard park.

Food and Wine:

the micoula, lard of Bertolin and mountain wines, not to be missed.